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Sudden Shower

By John Clare

Sudden Shower

Sudden Shower

Black grows the southern clouds betokening rain
And humming hive bees homward hurry bye
They feel the change -- so let us shun the grain
And take the broad road while our feet are dry
Aye there some dropples moistened in my face
And pattered on my hat -- tis coming nigh
Lets look about and find a sheltering place
The little things around like you and I
Are hurrying thro the grass to shun the shower
Here stoops an Ash tree -- hark the wind gets high
But never mind its Ivy for an hour
Rain as it may will keep us dryly here
That little Wren knows well its sheltering bower
Nor leaves his dry house tho we come so near

John Clare

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Read by David Barnes. Music from Miroirs by Maurice Ravel. Performed by Felipe Sarro.

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