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Out There!

by Olajubu A. Michael (Jacobs Adewale)
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Out there,
Acrimony taunts a bereaved mother
Who just lost an only child
To the acrid arms of humanity’s asperity.

Out there,
Desperation daunts a prodigal son
Who simply missed a step
But no one cares to listen.

Out there,
People keep striving to be someone else
Because all they do is seen to be never right
And in the end, they are still rejected like everyone else.

Out there,
Families face abasement
For simply trying to live a better life
Just like a neighbor next door.

Out there,
They kept asking,
How many progeny will be born
Just to weep and die without a feel of what life really is?

Out there it is;
Lost souls,
Lonely hearts,
Deranged minds,
And no one seems to lend a helping hand.

Out there it is;
Those with legs but lack shoes,
Those with life but remain hopeless
As emotions keep running wide,
For no one seems to truly care.

They are out there
Yet no one cares to notice
How their tears form
And why their hearts are torn.

Out there,
Anomalies procreate and thrive;
Waiting for corrections not more corrosion
And as days roll by,
All we can do is to hope.

But when hope cease being an option,
When faith stops being a choice,
When endurance could no longer make the heart beat,
Then, what is left of a life we all hold so dear?

These things really happen
Out there
But no one seems to truly care
Whether they die or live to see the next day.
Tragic it is!!!!!

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